Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thoresen to Anaheim?

The Flyers have given Patrick Thoresen's agent the permission to talk to other teams.

"But it doesn't help much. The Flyers still control my future", Thoresen says.

The Flyers still own Thoresen's rights, so it's up to them what's going to happen with the Norwegian winger.

Thoresen's agent, Patrick Carnbäck, is certain that his client will end up in the NHL.

"He was the best player in Russia", Carnbäck claims. "He had a very good year there. He's going to the NHL. It's clear."

One team specifically is after Thoresen.

"The Anaheim Ducks. They've been calling for a while and they're still interested. If things don't work out with the Flyers, there are opportunities there."

There's no time frame on things working out for Thoresen.

"Of course we want a clarification from the Flyers, but NHL teams build their rosters til September. So if some team is interested enough, it's not urgent."

Carnbäck expects Thoresen to get something between a half a million and a million in an NHL contract.

"A million is realistic. But as long as the market is quiet it's hard to have any idea on how much any contracts may be on. We can end up with anything between a half a million and a million."

Thoresen wouldn't mind joining the Ducks.

"They're one of the teams that have been interested and they're also a team that's good enough to win. They won three years ago and can win again."

"But as I said, I can't do anything but wait in this situation. It's up to the Flyers. I would've liked to see this thing get worked out three weeks ago, but this is how it is. I can be an NHL player tomorrow or in two weeks."

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