Friday, July 23, 2010

Quiz with Zherdev

Nikolai Zherdev is said to be an enigma that no one really knows. Now we know something as he answers a bunch of non-hockey related random quick questions.

If you're not a hockey player you're a...
"Soccer player"

Three wishes?
"To be healthy, to have success in sports and personal life"

Favorite color?
"White, cyan and blue"

"Jeans and tee shirt"

"Eau de Cologne"

"Not wearing watches much"


"Pamela Anderson"

"Arnold Schwarzenegger"

"Any. Whatever comes from the radio"


What do you not accept in people?

What do you think of extreme sports?
"I'm positive about them. I don't do them, but I have nothing against them"

Do you have an idol?
"There's no one I've tried to be like"

Businesswoman or housewife?
"She can be in some business"

What kind of women do you respect?

What could you never forgive?

Are you a vulnerable person?

Which kind of injury is tougher, physical or mental?

Greatest athlete?
"Valeri Kharlamov"


Is hockey a work, game or life to you?
"Work first"

Is hockey more physical or mental?

Most stylish and fashionable hockey player?
"Albert Leshchev"



Which country would you like to visit?

What would you take with you to space or a desert island?
"A woman"

Favorite season?

Time of day?
"Depends on the day of the week"

What did you buy with your first salary?
"I dreamed about a car. When I came to CSKA I bought it"

Best gift?
"A rubber woman I got for Birthday"

Do you consider yourself a star?
"Probably not"

What quality of your character helps you in your work?

Who would you like to better in your career?

What would you not want to talk about?
"I hate to talk about politics"

Favorite subject in school?

"Green tea and Czech beer"


What languages do you speak?
"Russian, Ukrainian and a little English"

Are you a hippy or a geek?
"Probably the first"

Do you believe in God?

"Win the Stanley Cup and Olympic gold"

What is happiness?
"Family and children"

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