Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kovář's battle for ice time begins today

České Budějovice will play a total of sixteen preseason games before the Czech Extraliga starts. Jakub Kovář isn't complaining about the amount of games. It only means more chances for him to show what he can do.

"There are a lot of games, but it's good. There will definitely be enough time for us as a team to try everything we need."

Kovář is expected to start the first game today in Písek.

"I should play the first half of the game. So I'll have a chance to give the coaches a reason to play me first."

Kovář enjoys the fact that the first preseason game is in Písek where he has many friends and former teammates.

"It's quite interesting", he admits. "Games are always more enjoyable after a long training period, but this means even more. I feel like home in the town where I grew up and started playing hockey. I can show them what I can do."

At the same time, Kovář keeps his expectations low.

"But after eight days on the ice, it probably won't be much of anything. I got new goalie gear and it will take more than just sitting down in them to get accustomed to them."

Even then, games are games and training is training.

"Every game is better than training and it's good to catch the rhythm before the season starts."

This year Kovář is expected to have a bigger role on the team, splitting time with NHL veteran Roman Turek. There have been whispers about an evenly shared work load through the season.

"Last season I talked a lot about our position in interviews. Who's the starter, who's the backup, who's playing now. Coaches will decide who will play the first game on September 17th. Us goalies will decide what kind of a rotation we will have. It will depend on just us as we play. I don't think we'll have any problems with who's going to play."

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