Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meszároš the goal scorer

Andrej Meszároš says he played through injuries last season and has gone through some conditioning in the offseason.

"I had injuries throughout the season. I rehabilitated five weeks with physiotherapists after the season. I've done more training than previous years now. I also did some simulator training. I hope it helped me train everything I need."

"Putting the skates on after seven weeks was the best feeling."

Now Meszároš is done with his extra conditioning and can focus on more comfortable ways to train. Slovakian hockey players organized a soccer game and not only was Meszároš able to join the game, he stole the spotlight. He scored four of his team's five goals, but it wasn't enough as his team lost in the penalty shootout.

"I played soccer for fifteen years. I was a forward", Meszároš explains, smiling. "I remember a game where I scored eight goals."

"So I played forward again. I play enough defense during the season."

Interestingly Meszároš wasn't the only one switching positions for the game as for example Rangers winger Marián Gáborík played in goal, making several huge stops.

The oft injured Gáborík admitted it was a risk to play the game and stated that he was thankful that everyone played carefully.

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