Monday, June 7, 2010

Post game 5 with Timonen & Leino

Kimmo Timonen didn't sugarcoat anything after Game 5 loss.

"To be honest, I'm fucking pissed off", he grunts. "It was the game of our lives and we're that weak in the first period."

"I don't know why. We just didn't skate, and when we don't skate, we don't beat anyone. It was definitely our worst first period in these playoffs. We stood, we didn't move and didn't move the puck. The first period was so terrible it can't happen in a situation like this."

"I give credit to the Hawks, they played hard, but we didn't fight back at all."

Timonen isn't blaming goalie Michael Leighton.

"We didn't help him much today. He could've made a couple saves, but the whole team was so terrible it's no use to blame him."

"But we definitely haven't given up. We've had our backs against the wall so many times this spring and that's when we've played our best games."

Timonen demands more from the leading players in Game 6.

"Our best players need to be better than their best players. That wasn't the case today and that has to change."

"What annoys me is that we can do so much better."

Ville Leino was disappointed, but quick to shift focus on the next game.

"Of course everyone is a little down, but we have a home game up next and we've played well there."

"We just threw the puck away and were probably a little nervous. We came back surprisingly well, but then they always answered with a goal. That's how it goes."

Like Timonen, Leino says they didn't give enough help to Leighton.

"He didn't have his best day. He kept them out of the scoreboard for a while, but we left him in a pretty bad spot."

Leino remains calm about Game 6.

"We don't need any big tricks yet. We go home and play a good game. We've played well there, so we'll focus on that."

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