Thursday, June 3, 2010

Post game 3 with Timonen & Leino

"This was one of those must wins you had to take today", Kimmo Timonen says. "It went to overtime, but it went our way so that's good. Now we'll have some rest and focus on Friday. You could say it's a new series now."

"It was a real big win. Of course we've come back from 0-3 this spring and we wouldn't have given up this time either, but everyone knows it's hard to do that twice."

"Now we're in it. We probably wouldn't be if it was 0-3."

"It looked like it went in, but it didn't", Timonen recalls the shot in overtime by Simon Gagné that slipped on the goal line. "You had your emotions running high there, but you just had to put it behind you quickly and keep playing. Fortunately the goal came pretty quickly after that. It was a great win for us."

Timonen also has some praise for Ville Leino.

"Ville was our best forward. He was on his game, he had a damn good game. Now we need everyone else on board."

Timonen hopes the good play at home continues.

"We've been great at home. We have to continue that on Friday."

Coach Peter Laviolette promised Leino more ice time in the pre-game meeting and kept his word, playing Leino more than any other Flyers forward, over 23 minutes.

"I started to feel it a little in the overtime", Leino admits.

"But now we can rest for a day. We'll be fine."

Leino says his goal was easy.

"We had a few good chances, I had a couple too, but we couldn't score on them. When you get enough chances, something goes in. You get a lucky one or an easy goal like that one."

"It was probably the best game of my NHL career. At least it happened in the best possible situation."

There's a simple explanation on why he's playing the best game of his career right now.

"A lot of ice time. That's what I've been trying to say; when you get to play, you get confidence and that's the most important thing."

"Today it felt like I was playing pond hockey."

Like Timonen, Leino called the game a must win.

"Yeah, we had to win. It was a good game, a new game on Friday and a new series."

Leino also hopes for the good home games to continue.

"It was an amazing crowd and we play well at home. We need to continue that."

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